World Fantasy Awards Nomination Ballot

This ballot must be received by midnight Pacific Time on June 30, 2003

Nomination Instructions:

Select all the text on this web page and copy it, then paste the copied text into a blank e-mail message. Add your nominations and sent the completed e-mail message to rturner at

When listing stories or other material that may not be familiar to all the judges, please include pertinent information such as author, editor, publisher, magazine name, and date, etc.

You may nominate up to five items in each category, in no particular order. These items are not point-rated. You don't have to nominate items in every category but you must nominate in more than one. The two items in each category receiving the most nominations (except for ineligible nominations) will be placed on the final ballot. The remainder are added by the judges.


Novella 10,000 to 40,000 words

Short Story under 10,000 words

Anthology multiple authors original or reprint single or multiple editors

Collection single author original or reprint single or multiple editors

Artist not eligible: Allen Koszowski

Special Award Professional not eligible: Jo Fletcher (Fantasy Masterworks), Stephen Jones

Special Award Non-Professional not eligible: Raymond Russell and Rosalie Parker (Tartarus Press)

Life Achievement please see the WFC 2003 World Fantasy Awards web page for a complete list of past Life Achievement Award winners

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