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Many of WSFA's members have experience at all levels of convention management.  WSFA members held key positions on the Bucconeer (the 1998 World Science Fiction Convention in Baltimore, Maryland) committee and the 1995 World Fantasy Convention in Baltimore.  In 1999, WSFA proudly hosted a two-day science fiction writing workshop, entitled Writing Science Fiction, with the Smithsonian Institute.

WSFA is very excited about the prospect of hosting a World Fantasy Convention in our home city.  The Hyatt Regency Washington is an excellent hotel for conventions (it was the site for Disclave 1996), with more than enough function space for a WFC-sized convention.  We anticipate many possibilities of sponsored tie-in events and tours with the Smithsonian Institute, Library of Congress, and other outstanding local government and private institutions.


Volunteer Information

Please contact Elaine Brennan at volunteers at or the WFC 2003 postal address if you wish to volunteer.




Michael J. Walsh


Robert MacIntosh


Judy Kindell


Aly and Paul Parsons

Autograph Reception

Joe Berlant
Staff Peter Halasz, Jim Wills

Guests of Honor Liaison

Jan Price

Green Room

Paula Jordan


Derek Hill, Simcha Kuritzky, Monica McAbee, Lynda Rucker, David Schwartz, George Williams, Beth Zipser, Mike Zipser

Hotel Liaison

Elspeth Kovar

Dealers' Room

Art and Becky Henderson


Chris Logan Edwards

Art Show

Shirley Avery and Martin Deutsch

Art Show Staff

David Grimm, Walter Miles


Jerry Crutcher


Mary-Rita Blute, Debra Baker, Doug Baker

Hospitality Suite

Peggy Rae Sapienza

Hospitality Suite Staff

Elaine Brennan, Colleen Cahill, Brenda Clough, Erica Ginter, Tracy Henry, Bill Jensen, Jane Jewell, Judy Kindell, Lynn Cohen Koehler, Nicki Lynch, Rich Lynch, Michael Nelson, Lisa Peoples, Jan Price, Ann Rudolph, John Sapienza, Dalroy Ward, Sue Wheeler, Edie Williams

Souvenir Book

Dennis McCunney


Kathleen Morrison

Souvenir Book
Advertising Sales

Nicholas Schectman

Pocket Program

Samuel Lubell

Technical Director

Marc Gordon

Volunteer Coordinator

Elaine Brennan

Library of Congress Liaison

Colleen R. Cahill

World Fantasy Awards Banquet Coordinator

Marty Gear

Restaurant Guide

Colleen R. Cahill

Webmaster &
Progress Reports

Michael Nelson


2003 World Fantasy
Awards Administrator

Peter D. Pautz

2003 World Fantasy
Awards Ballot Coordinator

Roger Turner

2003 World Fantasy

Justin Ackroyd, Les Edwards, Laura Anne Gilman, Lawrence Watt-Evans, and Jane Yolen

World Fantasy
Convention Board

Joe Berlant
John R. Douglas (Permanent Member)
Fred Duarte, Jr.
Bruce Farr
Jo Fletcher (Permanent Member)
Beth Gwinn (Liaison to World Horror Convention)
David G. Hartwell (Chairman)
Chip Hitchcock
Tina L. Jens
Stephen Jones (Permanent Member)
Greg Ketter
Linda McAllister
Peter Dennis Pautz (WFA Administrator)
Randall Rau
Darrell Schweitzer
Davey Snyder
Rodger Turner
(Permanent Member)
Meg Turville-Heitz
Michael J. Walsh
Robert Weinberg
Mike Willmoth



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