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Guests of Honor


Author Guest of Honor

Brian Lumley

Brian sold his first stories to August Derleth at Arkham House over 30 years ago.  A prolific author, his novels combine horror, science fiction, fantasy, and espionage fiction.  His works include the best-selling Necroscope series, the Primal Land series, the Dreamlands series, Demogorgon, Beneath the Moors, and over 100 short stories.  At least 13 countries have published his works.  His books have also inspired the production of comic books, a role-playing game, and figurines.  His honors include a 1989 British Fantasy Award for his short story, "Fruiting Bodies."  Many of his stories have been selected for The Year's Best Horror anthologies.  At the 1998 World Horror Convention, he received the Grandmaster Award.  Brian resides in Devon, England.


Author Guest of Honor

Jack Williamson

Celebrating 75 years of Writing

(Since Jack Williamson will not be able to attend, we will
be arranging a videotaped interview and other celebrations)

Born in 1908 in Bisbee, Arizona Territory, Jack Williamson has been writing and selling well-told stories for seventy-five years.  His writing career began with the appearance of "The Metal Man" in the November 1928 Amazing and encompasses over 50 novels plus shorter works.  His works such as The Humanoids have defined the science fiction field.  His fantasies include the dark fantasy, Darker than You Think, and the lost race adventure, Golden Blood.  He coined the terms, "terraforming" and "genetic engineering."  Accolades include the Grandmaster of Science Fiction Award from the Science Fiction Writers of America; Lifetime Achievement Awards from the World Fantasy Convention and Horror Writers of America; and, recently, Hugo, Nebula, and John W. Campbell Awards.


Publisher Guest of Honor

W. Paul Ganley

In 1968, he began the acclaimed small press publication, Weirdbook, in which he has published Ramsey Campbell, L. Sprague de Camp, Michael Bishop, Dennis Etchison, Darrell Schweitzer, Joe R. Lansdale, Tanith Lee, and Stephen King.  Besides Weirdbook, Weirdbook Press has published Eerie Country, books, and collections by, among others, Brian Lumley.  Under his own name and various pen names, he has written nonfiction (including articles published in the American Journal of Physics), fiction, and poetry.  He has received World Fantasy Awards for Weirdbook and Weirdbook Press.  He looks like everyone's favorite uncle.


Artist Guest of Honor

Allen Koszowski

Allen is one of the most prolific artists in the horror and sf field, with works published since 1973.  His first professional sale was to Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine in 1982.  Since then, over 2,500 of his illustrations have appeared in hundreds of genre publications including The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Cemetery Dance, Fantasy Tales, Whispers, and Weird Tales.  His awards include Best Artist and other categories for the Small Press Writers and Artists Organization for eight years in a row, and a 2002 World Fantasy Award.


Master of Ceremonies

Douglas E. Winter

Doug's criticism, reviews, and interviews have appeared in countless U.S. magazines and newspapers.  His books include the biography, Stephen King: The Art of Darkness as well as Shadowings: Reader's Guide to Horror Fiction.  Many anthologies have published his stories, including The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror (1996 and 2000).  His collection of interviews, Faces of Fear (1985), received a Hugo nomination and a World Fantasy Award.  He received an International Horror Guild award in 1998 for his anthology, Revelations.  In 1986, he received a Special World Fantasy Award.



Guests of Honor

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