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Hyatt Regency Washington Downtown Map

Washington, DC USA

     The District of Columbia is a Federal District coextensive with the city of Washington, which is a planned city — one of the most beautifully designed and distinguished cities in the world.

     Its site, at the mouth of the Potomac River, was selected in 1790 as the capital of the United States and was designed by Major Pierre Charles L'Enfant as a grid with intersecting diagonals emanating from the White House and Capitol.  This pattern still defines this cosmopolitan city whose features are a major world tourism attraction (over one million per year) and include an elaborate system of parks and broad tree-shaded thoroughfares with open vistas.

     The city has changed its boundaries over the years but now occupies 69 square miles, including 8 sq. mi. of water surface, with a culturally and socially diverse population.  No longer a city of "Northern charm and Southern efficiency", far more than the nation's capitol, it's a vibrant and exciting place to live, work, and visit.


Local Neighborhood Attractions

     Where to begin talking about the location of our hotel? A search with the "What's Nearby" feature found over fifty businesses classified as restaurants (okay, fifty-one and that includes places like McDonald's) within a quarter-mile of our hotel.  There are over thirty museums and monuments located within one mile.  The Hyatt Regency Washington is a five minute walk from the United States Capitol building and from Union Station, which is not only an AMTRAK and Metrorail station but also a beautifully restored Beaux Art building now containing shops, restaurants, and a large food court.  Metrorail, our subway system, is clean, quiet, safe, easy to navigate, and is generally considered the best way to get around the city.  The two nearest Metro stations to our hotel are Judiciary Square and Union Station.

     There are many fine restaurants in the immediate Capitol Hill neighborhood.  A ten-minute walk will take you to the National Mall — the wide, grassy swath that runs from the Lincoln Memorial in the east to the Capitol grounds in the west and is lined with Smithsonian attractions and other museums.  At this distance from the hotel you will find the National Gallery of Art, and the Library of Congress.  The stacks of the Library are closed to the public but you can request books in the reading room under the rotunda of the Jefferson Building, which you should visit just for its beauty.  A number of the Library's holdings are on display — the collection includes largest printed encyclopedia in 5,040 volumes, five Stradivarius violins, original sheet music of Beethoven, Brahms and Mozart — in regularly changing exhibits.

     Within a 15-minute walk, you can reach the always popular Air and Space Museum, which needs no further explanation but it should be noted that the Samuel P. Langley Theater shows spectacular IMAX films daily and there are several shows per day in the Albert Einstein Planetarium.  The National Archives are also at this distance, where you can view The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Emancipation Proclamation and the Treaty of Paris.  Chinatown is also 15 minutes from our hotel.

     Among other places in the DC Downtown neighborhood within walking distance of the hotel are the National Building Museum and the United States Supreme Court.  The Building Museum is fronted by eight of the largest Corinthian columns in the world. Housed in the Pension Building, with its 15-story Great Hall, its exhibits focus on various aspects of architecture, building and historic preservation. The museum also presents lectures, films, family programs and workshops.  At the Supreme Court, oral arguments are held Monday through Wednesday during the first two weeks of each month, October through April, and are open to the public.  You can also see the courtroom when court is not in session.

     Numerous white or gray classical government buildings, embassies, and fine homes help define the city's beauty.  West Potomac Park extends from the Lincoln Memorial and encompasses the Tidal Basin with its famous Japanese cherry trees.  Rock Creek Park covers almost 1,800 acres of natural woodlands and extensive recreational facilities.

     Many of the Smithsonian Museums not already mentioned are also within reach by foot and the majority of the rest are near Metrorail stations.  Most people are well aware of the museums and monuments but there are more interesting places to visit that are less known.

Smithsonian Location Map

More Interesting Places to Visit

Local Area Restaurants

Area Map

A printable Acrobat pdf file (830 Kb — 3 to 5 minute download at 56 Kbs) of a location map showing the Hilton Regency Washington in respect to the National Mall.

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