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What's New



Removed "@" symbol from e-mail addresses and replaced it with " at " in a feeble attempt to discourage address mining by spam scum.
Added a belated link to the 2003 World Fantasy Award Winners list on the main World Fantasy Convention web site
Posted a notice that the post-convention publications mailing will be delayed


Added additional member check-in information
Updated World Fantasy Award Banquet information
Added information on special events in the Hospitality Suite


Removed the Important Deadlines section on the home page since all deadlines have expired
Updated the Program Changes to 25 October 2003
Added Library of Congress tours for WFC 2003 members information


Updated the member list to 15 October 2003 — 174 new members since 14 September 2003
Announced the childcare arrangement
Fixed the bad e-mail address for Member Registration, should be jerry.crutcher at, not jerry.crutcher at
Removed Elizabeth Humphrey as a program participant and made a few additional corrections


Corrected some errors on the program schedule page
Added a program participant list to the program schedule page
Removed Realms of Fantasy and The Stars Our Destination from the dealers list
Updated the committee list


Added a tentative program schedule
The deadline to purchase memberships in advance was 15-October-2003
If attending memberships are sold during the convention, they will cost $180 USD
Added more payment information to the banquet information


Updated the World Fantasy Awards Banquet information and added a second dessert choice
Updated the hotel reservation page
Updated announcements on home page
Updated Important Deadlines list on home page
Added addtional committee members to committee list


Added PDF file of Progress Report Three
Added new Art Show contact informatom
Updated member list to 14-September-2003
Updated membership registration form (PDF file)
Added member check-in information to membership page
Updated committee list
Updated Dealers' Room page and added list of confirmed dealers
Added information on special room package deal on Hotel page
Added Autograph Reception information and tentative program schedule to Program page
Added publisher giveaway shipping address information
Added volunteer contact information
Added Library of Congress Tour contact information
Added childcare survey to membership page


Added 2003 World Fantasy Awards Banquet reservation information
Added 2003 World Fantasy Awards Banquet reservation deadline to deadline list
Added Souvenir Book advertising information
Updated the membership list to 28 July 2003
Added souvenir book advertising deadlines to deadline list
Updated the two-page WFC 2003 ad flyer (PDF file)

07-August-2003 — Added 2003 World Fantasy Award Nominees link
07-August-2003 — Updated Membership cost information
07-August-2003 — Updated 2003 World Fantasy Awards page

29-June-2003 — Added Hospitality Suite information on the Programming page
29-June-2003 — Revised Dealers' Room page to clarify that dealer acceptance notification will be in August
29-June-2003 — Revised Art Show page to clarify the art sample submission deadline
29-June-2003 — Revised Programming page to specify that there would only one track of readings
29-June-2003 — Added a link to the 2004 WFC web site on the home page
29-June-2003 — Hotel Room Reservation Deadline extended to 30 September 2003
29-June-2003 — Added preliminary World Fantasy Award Banquet information
29-June-2003 — Added Membership List

07-June-2003 — Updated Program page
07-June-2003 — Updated Dealers' Room page
07-June-2003 — Updated Committee page
07-June-2003 — Added a plain text ballot to the 2003 World Fantasy Awards page to be e-mailed to Roger Turner
07-June-2003 — Updated membership registration page and added a PDF file of the registration form
07-June-2003 — Added a list of important deadlines on home page
07-June-2003 — A PDF file of Progress Report Two and PR ad information was added to the Publications page
07-June-2003 — Updated hotel information page and added room reservation deadline and suite information
07-June-2003 — Updated Art Show information page and added artist letter, reservation form, and art show rules

07-March-2003 — Dealers' Room table cost information was added to the Dealers' Room page
07-March-2003 — Additional program information was added to the Programming page
07-March-2003 — A PDF file of Progress Report One was added to the Publications page
07-March-2003 — A PDF file of the 2003 World Fantasy Award Nomination Ballot was added to the Awards page
07-March-2003 — The next membership rate increase has been postponed from March 15, 2003 to March 31, 2003

02-March-2003 — Updated some Guests of Honor web links on the home page and Guests of Honor page
02-March-2003 — Capclave 2003 information on home page updated to include date and hotel information
02-March-2003 — Information on the World Fantasy Awards and the list of judges is added to the Awards page
02-March-2003 — Dennis McCunney added to Committee and Publications pages as Souvenir Book editor

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What's New?

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